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Yorick Ensemble is an independent theatre company with a focus on building community through intimate productions.

We believe that great theatre comes not from big budgets, but from great people. As such, our focus is to produce works outside the realm of what one might find at a typical community theatre. Through our small budgets, we seek to make creative, engaging, and surprising work that will enrich actors and audiences alike.

Yorick Ensemble seeks to break the mold of tradition. We do not run on a regular season model, which allows us more freedom to allow as much thought and planning as necessary into each project and to keep our material fresh and relevant. We are also a theatre without a home, meaning each project will be specifically developed for a particular space.

Yorick promotes, produces, and provides platforms for early-career artists while reimagining established works, nurturing new artists and the next generation of audience members.

Yorick Ensemble is an independent fringe theater company focused on building community through intimate productions. Founded by Josh Telepman in 2019, it is a space for non-professional actors to work on material that may be too small or too weird for typical local community theaters to produce.

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Engage Viewers
Start Conversations
Change Minds
Encourage Creativity
Open Worldviews
Spread Love and Spread Joy

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