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Image by Nikola Johnny Mirkovic


On Monday, March 6, auditions will be held at Boston Center for the Arts

On Tuesday, March 7, auditions will be held at Boston Playwrights' Theatre


Viewing auditions will be:

Josh Telepman: Producer/Co-Director

Michael Jay: Co-Director

Elias Condakes: Music Director

Paige DiGirolamo: Stage Manager 

Rehearsals will begin at the end of April / beginning of May, and will meet 3 times a week, location TBA. The show will run for two weekends, opening on June 29 and closing on July 8.

PLEASE PREPARE: a 32-bar cut of a musical theatre song, and a brief joke.  You may also be asked to read sides. 


Seeking comedic performers who sing for the following roles:


MOTHER- F#3-G#5 - The only member of the party with any sense about them. A sensible woman with a harsh and sarcastic “tough love” exterior, who is deeply sensitive just below the surface. Lawful Neutral.


DAUGHTER - G3-G5 - 18+ to play younger. At the age where she believes she’s an adult, but simultaneously not quite ready to grow up. Looking for love on the trail. Neutral Good.


SON - G3-G5- 18+ all genders to play 7yo male. Just a lil guy! Constantly discovering the world around him, but sometimes struggles to keep up with his older family members. Eagerly dives in with both feet without considering what might come next. Chaotic Good. 


GRANDPA- G2-G#4 - Mother’s father.  A grumpy old man who seems like he’s not all there…. maybe he’s just on an advanced plane of existence? Chaotic Neutral. Actor also plays CLETUS JONES - McDoon’s partner in crime, and perhaps other things. A career criminal. Lawful Evil.


MCDOON- G2-Bb4-Falsetto E5- Caught between desire for recognition as the legendary Bandit King, and a conflicting desire to stay out of prison. On a mission for his ultimate bounty: a new wife. Chaotic Evil. This actor also plays OX - A blind,  decaying animal who pulls the family wagon and suffers constantly. True Neutral. This track covers every character outside of the family, and requires an actor who can switch between distinct characters at the drop of a (cowboy) hat. 


Potentially seeking understudies to cover above roles, as well as:


FATHER (CAST)- G2-C5-Falsetto Eb5-  A man on a mission to be taken seriously.  So desperate for his family’s support, he will do anything and everything, often all at once, to make his family happy. Chaotic Good. 


ALL ACTORS CAST, INCLUDING UNDERSTUDIES, WILL RECEIVE A $200 STIPEND.  Yorick Ensemble is a non-union, community theater, and is not able to hire AEA members at this time.

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