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The Cast

The Creative Team

Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager

Intimacy and Violence Director
SFX Make-Up Design
Video Design and Editing
Technical Consultant
Lighting & Sound
Costumes & Props
Scenic Design

Michael Jay
Paige DeGirolamo
Matt Tse
Sydney T. Grant
Ben Cantor-Adams
Sarah Michelson
Em Sheeran
Chris Brousseau
Michael Jay
Josh Telepman
Josh Telepman & Michael Jay

Carousel Horse

Director's Note

When I've told members of our community that Yorick Ensemble would be putting up a production of Gruesome Playgruond Injuries this spring, I have often been met by shrugs and blank stares. It seems that, to the theater world at large, this play is something of an unknown. This came as a bit of a surprise to me, since I've been familiar with this play for years: I, and almost every one of my contemporaries my age, have seen this play time and time again in our Scene Study courses at college. There's a good reason for that - Gruesome Playground Injuries is a show comprised of eight scenes, and each of those eight are, in their own right, shining examples of scenework, dialogue writing, and layered subtext. Over the course of the last month, Josh, Kim, Sydney, Paige and I have plumbed the depths of each of these scenes. That said, the work that you will see tonight is the result of not a month, but years of work and consideration. For those of us who have studied theater since 2012, this play is special, and for Josh and Kim, this production has been inevitable since their days at Emerson College. I am honored to have helped bring this show to a stage, and I hope that, as you watch the performance tonight, you will feel the same love, respect, and reverence that these two have for their characters that I have felt every day. Thank you sharing this experience with us, and enjoy the show.


Thanks To
Our Donors

Karen Feldscher
Marcy Goldberg
Sarah Jay
Linda Mesnik
Liv Nash
Hayley Whelan
Stephen Zubricki


Hovey Players

Toni Telepman

Waltham Cultural Council

Katie Iafolla 

Kat O'Connor

Sarah Kathleen Adams



Yorick Ensemble would like to acknowledge that we gather in the ancestral territory of the Massachusett and Pawtucket people, known today as Waltham.  

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